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Customer Testimonials

Liz has magical healing hands!!! Not only did she massage me throughout my pregnancy, but she also gave this very sore new mama an amazing postpartum massage a week after our baby was born. My S.O. also got his very first massage and loved it! We can not recommend her enough!!!

-Chalice S.

Liz has the knowledge and skills to heal whether with cupping or deep tissue massage. As someone with chronic back problems and circulation problems, I count on Liz to ease the pain and she does every time.


I am so impressed with Liz, my new massage therapist! She is personable and professional, making you feel at ease the minute she enters the room. I look forward to her expertise for years to come!

- Devan

"I received a cupping session/treatment from Liz. She was well informed and able to readily answer all my questions. She put my mind at ease as the treatment can seem a little daunting. She made me feel completely comfortable as I'm not one to be at ease naked in front of people. Her draping was modest, and she made me feel comfortable. I highly HIGHLY recommend her! Will definitely be getting other services from her in the future."


This was the BEST massage! Liz was incredibly thorough, not only in her technique, but in her questions before the session; she makes sure to get an idea of what areas to focus on.
Then, post-massage, she followed up with an assessment and future care plan, that really impressed me! She's completely knowledgeable on her practice and the products she uses. I love that she shares a bit of that knowledge with you. She even worked on my hands and arm tissue. As someone in the cosmetology industry, that was critical, no one had ever done it before her. I left feeling nothing short of Enlightenment! Thank you!

-Ashley N.

"Once you find a good massage therapist you keep her! When I first came to Liz I was a mess. I was dealing with chronic neck pain and tension. After the first session I felt so much relief and now to maintain that I see her weekly! I'm so thankful for a skilled, compassionate massage therapist!"

Cindy W.

Having a caring, compassionate therapist makes a difference to me and I definitely found that with Positive Touch.


Wow, what a difference a day makes. Liz did a wonderful job helping me to feel relaxed, and at ease. I really appreciate how she talked me through the procedures as she was doing them. I can't wait to see her again as I'm going to try the cupping treatment. Truly professional, friendly, and super knowledgeable. Thank you so much, even lifting all of my head feels better, haha.

-Rich D.